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Malware Attacks, 9 Feb 2016


If you get a new PC and it does not come with the operating system installation disk (e.g., Windows 7, Windows 8, etc.), try to obtain one from the seller.  If this is not possible, PLEASE go through the effort to create a "system image" to a set of DVDs or external hard drive as soon as you first power it on!!!  (See Control Panel > Backup & Restore).  Also, if your new PC came pre-installed with Microsoft Office, try to obtain an installation disk of MS Office as well.  

Why?  Manufacturers have done the unthinkable by putting a "Recovery" partition on your hard drive which is the very same drive that also contains your Windows operating system installation and other applications (pre-installed). This special, protected partition is used to rebuild/repair your PC if your system becomes corrupted -BUT- only if you can access it.  In my opinion, this is too risky compared to the price of providing a DVD installation disk in the first place!  If your hard drive fails, you may not be able to access that "Recovery" partition  which essentially makes the single hard drive a single point of failure.  If you lose the hard drive and you don't have the "physical" installation disk or the system image, expect to pay to get your system back, and, most likely without your pre-installed applications or all your data files (i.e., documents, pictures, videos, etc.).  So if you lose or cannot access this partition, you will need to rely on a physical media to recover.

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Published Blaine County Journal Articles -- WILL'S TECH ADVICE

Below are very informative and helpful documents created by specialists from larger corporations.  These PDF files contain recommended 'security' settings for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Twitter accounts.  The smart phone document is an eye opener.