Will's Computer Support, LLC

The following are some of the services I can provide:

NOTE:  A PC is a "personal computer" which applies to both desktop and laptop computers.


1.  Fine-tune / clean-up your PC.  This service is aimed at improving your PC's performance.  Many customers are looking for help in solving issues with their computers such as: slow to boot up; slow response using applications; pop-ups occurring that you don't want; removal of unwanted and unnecessary applications (i.e., beggar-ware), malware infections; virus mitigation; system integrity/stability; and general overall performance issues.  I also check to see if your system has enough RAM and recommend options if needed.  I do an in-depth and thorough effort when applying this service.

2.  Recover/Re-build Operating Systems.  In many cases, the best solution to your PC is to simply re-build (i.e., re-install) the operating system.  A recovery process is first attempted of course, but nothing beats a re-build since it provides a clean system registry - the heart of the operating system.  


    a.  If your system has a usable "Recovery" partition, this will be used.  However, if it does not or cannot be accessed, I need your operating system's DVD installation disk, or the "system image" you hopefully created when you first got your PC; this is normally created on a 'set' of DVDs or an external hard drive.  

    b.  If the operating system product ID is readable/available (i.e., a 5-grouping of 5-letters on a label normally affixed to the PC), I can rebuild the PC and re-activate with Microsoft.  

    c.  If none of these are accessible, then a DVD containing the operating system (along with a valid product key) must be purchased as part of the rebuild.  Contact me about pricing.

3.  Repairing PCs.   If it's broken, there is a very good chance I can repair it.  For example, laptop displays, keyboards, DVD drives, power supplies, and so on.

4.  Custom-built desktops.  If you are looking for a new desktop, give me a call.  I can build you one from the ground up that does not come with all the extraneous, non-essential software the big brand name PC-builders add on.  I build PCs with what I feel are quality components designed to last you years.  Expect approximately 4-7 days for delivery once an order for a custom-built PC is made.

5.  Networking support.  If you are having networking issues, give me a call.  Types of networking support:  sharing devices such as printers; files and file folders between PCs in your internal network (i.e., LAN); expanding your ethernet wiring connections such as wiring cables versus relying on wireless; extending your wireless signal if possible; etc. 

6.  Consulting.  If you need advice on how to proceed with IT upgrades, installation of new systems, expanding current systems, sharing resources in your network, etc., contact me.

7.  Data recovery.  I will not guarantee I can, but I do have several ways to recover your personal data from a hard drive that may not be working anymore.