Will's Computer Support, LLC


​Just as PCs can be perplexing and confusing to many users, setting fixed rates on PC services is no different.  PCs are highly complex devices and how long it takes to fix them varies from one PC to the next. The list below is simply a guideline on what you might expect to pay based on the type of services you are seeking.  I will do my best to provide you a reasonable quote and match and/or beat any price quote you have from other service provider for the same job.  I accomplish many 'other' important service tasks when I work on a PC - not just the issue you are asking me to fix/repair; I give it a thorough look over.  You can be assured I will do a professional job for you.

The fees listed below are subject to change and are provided as a "GUIDELINE".

Current hourly rate:  $75.00.  Normally, most work is done on a "project cost basis" that does not equate to $75.00 per hour.  That is, it calculates out to being less per hour!  Most work is done at my workplace based on this rate.  Additional costs may be incurred should I need to work onsite.

1.  Analysis fee:  $45.00.  This fee will be applied against (i.e., reduces) your final bill should you decide to have me do the work

2.  Repairing / Upgrading PCs:  This includes tasks such as fixing slow or unresponsive PCs, virus attacks, hardware/software application upgrades, hardware replacements (e.g., laptop keyboards, displays) etc.   This requires many hours of time to clean-up/repair a PC so anticipate a minimum of 3 days without your PC.  Parts plus labor  (labor approx:  $125.00 - $150.00).

3.  Recover/Rebuild/Upgrade Operating System.  Labor:  $150.00.  Key here is you must have the installation system image.  See the "Services" page, paragraph 2.  

      *** NOTES: ***  Please note that after a recovery/rebuild is done, you will not have all the applications or the personal data files on the PC prior to the recovery/rebuild process.  HOPEFULLY, you have copied your personal files (i.e., pictures, videos, email files, files from specialized software, and etc.) to an external hard drive, or better yet, to an online 'cloud storage' account such as Carbonite.com.  Any applications you installed after getting your PC will need to be reinstalled. 

Recover/Rebuild/Upgrade Operating System ensures the OS is installed, all system drivers are working, and the system contains the latest security patches. The price includes making copies of your personal data files (if possible) BEFORE completing the recovery/rebuild task and placing the files back onto the PC after the recovery/rebuild.  Additional costs will be incurred if I need to come to your residence/business to attach to existing network, help setup printer drivers,  configure shared resources (e.g., files, printers), etc.

Additional costs to consider include:

    a.  Re-installation of applications (e.g., MS Office, QuickBooks, Quicken)  - this depends on the complexity of the installation.  Some applications are straightforward.  Some include more tasks than simply installing:  they may require data recovery, possible conversion of the data to work with an upgraded version of the application (or operating system), obtaining updates after installation to ensure the latest version is installed, and so on.  You must have your application disks or a way to access the installation if obtained online.

    b.  If you do not have the application or OS installation disks, you will need to obtain new ones.  For example, the Windows OS install disk, MS Office applications, or other specialized software (e.g., Quicken or QuickBooks).

4.  Custom-built desktops.  Prices are dependent on customer's requirements.  I can provide you a free quote.  There are many options associated with custom-built PCs! 

5.  Networking or consulting support (normally done "on-site"):  $75.00 / hour.  A project cost rate can be negotiated rather than hourly.

6.  Consulting.  $75.00 / hour (negotiable).

7.  Data recovery.  Dependent upon level of effort.