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PLEASE "DO NOT", I REPEAT, DO NOT call anyone regarding a problem with your computer someone has either called you on the phone about, OR popped up on your desktop -- THESE ARE SCAMS!  

Further --- NEVER NEVER NEVER allow anyone to remotely access you computer except a legitimate support person such as myself that YOU have called!  

The Rule of Thumb is this:  NO ONE WILL EVER CALL YOU OR EMAIL (includes pop-up on your desktop) and tell you that you have a problem with your computer and you must call them or lose everything that is legit!!!!      These are ---- SCAMS  no matter how legitimate they may seem   

LINK to report scams, attacks, etc:  Government FTC

File a complaint with the FBI -->  Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)


**Windows 10 upgrade / new system setup**
If you've never worked with Windows 8 up to now, be warned!  Going from Windows Vista/7 to Windows 8/10 is a major leap and the learning curve will be frustrating for many.  I can do the upgrade for you if you prefer and also, I will configure your system to give it a "look-and-feel" of Windows XP / 7 to make life easier navigating the new operating system.

WINDOWS Operating Systems end-of-life:   Both Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported by Microsoft as well as many of the vendors supporting programs that run on XP / Vista.  Examples:  The Google Chrome browser, Adobe Reader, Office 2007 and earlier, etc. Without the ongoing upgrades/updates to these systems, you run the high risk of getting attacked with malicious software (i.e., malware) and/or viruses.  NOTE:  If you want to continue using these computers, then DISCONNECT them from the internet.  Unplug your ethernet cable if you are connected via hard wire.  And, disable your Wi-Fi.   Double check you don't have both functions working on your computer.  For example, a laptop can be connected with an ethernet cable as well as have the Wi-Fi turned on. 

UPDATEOffice 2007 is now "end of life" (Oct 2017)!!!!


***  Listing of Microsoft product end-of-support dates (look for the "Extended" dates) 

Providing professional and courteous computer support services at reasonable costs in the Chinook, Montana area.  My goal is to provide you the best support I can in this dynamically changing world of computers, networks, and information technology.

My rates are reasonable and very competitive.  I take pride in giving you the best technical support I can.

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